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Our Mission

Our children’s ministry supports and encourages the parents as they seek to raise their children as disciples of Jesus Christ. We encourage the children to become fully devoted followers of Christ and to continue to develop their relationship with Him.

Our vision is to build a fun-filled church where children can come together to worship,  where they learn and grow in their knowledge of God’s love and experience His power.

Little Feet (crèche) Ages 0-4

"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!" - Romans 10:15

We have a comfy style creche available to all parents who have a child aged 0-4 years.

It's open throughout the Sunday morning service with plenty of toys and large HD screens with a live feed to the service, so no one misses out!

Lions Ages 5-10

"The Lion of the tribe of Judah has conquered!" - Revelation 5:5

Our heart is to see 5-10-year-olds become fierce followers of Jesus, as we sow seeds of hope and unlock their God-given potential!

Lions sessions are held each Sunday morning during term time.

Our team of devoted leaders deliver a yearly syllabus which covers key Christian themes: Creation, Christmas, Easter, Harvest, Pentecost, Baptism etc. Our fun and engaging sessions consist of Bible teaching, worship, group prayer, activities, games, crafts, drama sketches and more.

We believe children are as valuable to our community as anyone else!

Therefore, we like to take a break from sessions during school holidays to encourage young people to be part of the wider church gathering and to integrate them into our family.

The Morning At a Glance

10:30 am - PCF Church service begins

Children are released from the main congregation following the notices and worship.

Leaders escort the children upstairs where they are greeted with refreshments and music.

11 am - PCF Lions session begins

12 noon - End of Service

We ask that parents/carers collect their children from the upstairs hall once the main service has finished.

Duty of Care for children attending Lions remains with the parents until the session starts and after the close of the service.

Please pick up your children before going for your tea and coffee.

If your child is unsettled at the start of the Lions session, parents are most welcome to come and join in until your child has settled in.

In the event of disruptive behaviour from children, parents may be asked to take their child to the main service.

Children may also be reunited with their parents if they become ill or unsettled before the end of the session.

Parents of younger children, please encourage your children to use the toilet before Lions sessions begin.

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