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Our story - so far...

Glyn Thomas was the founding Minister of Poynton Christian Fellowship (PCF), an Assemblies of God church back in 1980. 

The church was birthed in a house group that used to meet on a Friday night during 1980.   As the church grew, they met in a school library, then in a former Methodist church building, and by the spring of 1982, PCF was able to complete the purchase of 307 Park Lane, Hockley, the former Methodist Chapel which was erected in 1832.  Alongside pioneering PCF church, Glyn also had a call to plant churches and support overseas missions.  Sadly, Glyn passed away in March 2009.

Andrew Allan became Senior Pastor of PCF in 2002.  Andrew and Cia built on the foundations established by Glyn and Betty.  Cia supported Andrew as well as being the worship leader.  During Andrew’s leadership, PCF’s building went through a large development programme adding new social and meeting facilities in the form of the Hockley Centre.  The much-needed facilities serve the community in Poynton and beyond, and are also helping us to meet the needs of PCF's growing congregation.


Wayne Wilson, a preacher’s kid grew up in South Africa, met and married his wife, Clare in 1990.  Together they owned their own businesses in South Africa: an electrical consulting company, conference facilities, coffee shop and property lets. 

After immigrating to the UK, Wayne and Clare together with their sons, Geoffrey and Andrew became active members of PCF.    

Wayne and Clare have always been passionate about serving in the church in various ministries including youth ministry, leading worship, preaching and serving on the church board for many years.  Their hearts are for everyone young and old to know and understand the power of the Word of God and the Holy Spirit.

Wayne and Clare believe they were called together to teach and preach the Word of God, to equip and inspire believers, families and leaders with life skills for everyday life.  Fulfilling this mandate will only be possible with the Word and the Spirit:  for with God’s wisdom and knowledge, stability will be evident in our times (Is 33:6)

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