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Registration takes place upstairs 10 minutes before the start of the main service, where children are signed in.  They enter the SuperKids Safe Zone starting with refreshments. 


Each week the children are ministered to by a team of teachers.   The teaching teams meet weekly to pray and plan their lessons using their God-given gifts to make each Sunday morning powerful and effective. Teachers are aware of the safeguarding policies and many are trained in first aid procedures and they are all DBS checked. The teachers have a real heart to see your children grow in God.

The Morning At a Glance

When everyone has arrived the children move into the Superkids Zone.  SuperKids starts with a fun time of Prayer and Praise and Worship, to experience God’s Presence. There will be an opportunity to give into an offering which will go to a chosen charity that you and your child will be made aware of. The morning is divided up into games, drama, crafts, Bible lessons, memory verse activities as well as age appropriate breakout groups.


We reward the children on a regular basis for various achievements during the term in the form of token gifts or stickers. We hope to make the children feel special on their birthdays by sending them a card or should the date fall on a Sunday we will sing “Happy Birthday” to them.

Memory Verses & Handouts

These are sent home so that parents can become involved and support their children in what they are learning

Ministry Opportunity

SuperKids is a place for ministry development and growth. Children who are longing to serve God in a practical way will be offered this opportunity. Assisting in reading Bible verses, praying for others, helping to collect the offering, setting up the venue, helping with music and sound are just a few ways in which they will be able to find their ministry gifts, and serve the Kingdom of God.

Practical Bits

Duty of care for children attending SuperKids remains with the parents until 10 mins before the service starts and after the close of the service.  Please pick up your children before going for your tea and coffee. If your child is unsettled at the start of SuperKids, parents are most welcome to come and join in with SuperKids until your child has settled down.  In the event of disruptive or anti-social behaviour from children, parents may be asked to take their child to the main service. Children may also be reunited with parents if they become ill, upset or fractious before the end of the session. Parents of younger children, please encourage your children to use the toilet before SuperKids begins. 

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