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Coronavirus Update Centre

PCF Church Notice #6 ( 9 April 2020)

Attached are some thoughts and ideas which may be helpful to parents as you ‘keep on keeping on’ with your children through this difficult time. You may be needing to try and work from home and juggle caring for the family at the same time.


Whatever your situation is, remember that you can call on the Holy Spirit’s help at any time. He has all the answers! 

God bless you all,

Pastors Wayne & Clare

Thank you, Mary, for this vital contribution.

PCF Church Notice #5 (30 March 2020)

Attention anyone providing help or assistance or acting as a volunteer to those in need

I have seen people helping others, volunteering where possible, acting as street champions by arranging WhatsApp groups.  We even have members of our congregation who have taken up the challenge and gone back to work for the NHS providing vital additional skills to our communities.  

I have seen the Love of Jesus being shared.   May the Lord bless everyone of you!


As we continue to volunteer where requested, please ensure that you maintain best practice and follow all guidance given by the Government and Public Health England.

The document attached lays out some of these safety requirements.  Please take the time to read.


Thanks PCF Team

PCF Church Notice #4 (23 March 2020)

Attention all PCF Church members living in Poynton,

Last week Pastor Wayne and I (along with other church leaders) met with two of the Poynton Council Staff offering to assist where possible supporting the community where required.  They were so appreciative of us caring, and explained that they have a very small staff (many of whom are part-timers), so they asked that each church would serve as a focal point for its people for offers of volunteering. 


You will have seen from the Council wherever you live, confirmed by the Prime Minister’s briefings, that help will be needed in the coming weeks and months for those isolating in various ways including shopping, dog-walking etc.  Also, Councils may also need help with answering telephones, communicating with residents etc.


Please can you do 2 things for us:

  1. If you want to volunteer to help in Poynton, please can you email Pastor Wayne specifying what aspect you can help with.  Pastor Wayne is co-ordinating that with Poynton Town Council.  This will ease the load on the Council and enable us to respond quickly where we are asked to meet a need.


  2. If you are part of or have started a neighbourhood group, eg WhatsApp Group, Facebook group etc, please can you let me know
    These local groups are likely to be the “first responders” to most situations, and it could be the case that someone is unaware of their local group or is not tech-savvy.
    We know off the top of our heads that groups have been set up in a number of areas where PCF people live eg  Geoff & Sue,  Alan & Kate,  Glenn & Cathy,  Cia & Andrew,  Mike & Debbie,  Rob & Nicci,  Nick & Hannah etc (and this is a brilliant illustration of Live2Love 😊). 
    But please do let me know any updates to this list asap. 


This will be extremely helpful to us all.


Thanks PCF Team

PCF Church Notice #3 (20 March 2020)

Hi everyone, 

Yes the church building is closed, and we're asking everyone to comply with the governments request to apply social distancing.

As a church we launching PCF Church Online.   This is much more than a simple video.  It is a place where we can worship, study the Word of God in community.

Please join in with us on Sunday Morning from the comfort of your home. Just click on the link and be part of the PCF family.  Family & friends are welcome - why not invite a friend to join.

We recommend joining the service at about 10:15. 

The service starts automatically at 10:30

Looking forward to chatting with you online on Sunday.

God bless you all,

Pastors Wayne & Clare

PCF Church Notice #2 (18 March 2020)

Hi everyone, 

I’m sure by now you’d have caught up on this week’s new measures as our nation, and the world, continue to adapt and change to what we’re facing.  We’re encouraging everyone to be faith filled and sensible as we follow the advised measures and wanted to let you know a little more about this current season for you our PCF Church family. 


How the news affects us

The biggest impact for us from the recent government briefing is the line "Avoid pubs, clubs, theatres and other such social venues".  Later in parliament this was clarified to include faith groups and gatherings.

This means that for now PCF Church midweek Connect Group meetings, Team meetings and Sunday services are suspended.  


What’s our plan?

The good news is we’d already begun working on a plan so Monday’s government briefing just fast tracks that plan to be in play as of today. 

We have a team working on a new online experience for a Sunday service going live this Sunday – 10:30. This means that you will be able to participate in PCF Church from your home making use of your phone, tablet or computer. We will send out more information later this week.

We are excited about finding new ways to interact with people so if you’re part of a connect group or team, you will be hearing from the leaders soon if not already.

Please contact Pastors Wayne or Clare if:

  • You are unwell and in self-isolation

  • You are in self-isolation because you fall into a high-risk category


Stay connected

We find ourselves today in a unique place; balancing our responsibility to both duty of care as a people centred organisation, and remaining faith filled.  We believe wholeheartedly that the church can shine its brightest - through its people physically washing their hands and metaphorically washing one another’s feet. 

Remember isolation is physical but can impact on mental health.  So, let’s reach out to people.  Do something extra like make contact with a few others and commit to doing that as often as you can – it's all about LOVEing one another right now; your family, your church friends and your neighbours. 

Please stay in communication with your Connect Group Leader.


God bless you all,

Pastors Wayne & Clare

PCF Church Notice #1 (12 March 2020)

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

The PCF Church Leadership has been closely monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19 and, following advice from AoG, Public Health England and the Church of England among others, we are taking appropriate steps to ensure we keep our congregation, staff team, connect groups, and event attendees as safe as possible.

Hebrews 10:24-25 encourages us to keep meeting together in order to encourage each other and to stir up love and good works in our life together.  

“And let us consider how to provoke one another to love and good deeds, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day approaching." (NRSV)

God certainly didn’t give us a spirit of fear, but He did give us a 'spirit of power, love and a sound mind' (2 Tim 1:7).  So, in God’s power, we will show love for one another and with Godly wisdom seek to be responsible in our preparations and forward-thinking to manage expectations and to minimise people’s anxieties.


General precautions now in place @ PCF Church

These are some of the steps our church is now taking to help prevent the spread of infection in all our church services, connect group and social gatherings:

  • Communion – we will be using individual communion cups.

  • Tea & Coffee – we will temporarily be using disposable paper cups.

  • On entrance to the main auditoriums, we will strongly encourage people to use sanitising hand gel.

  • Additional tissues and will be provided.

  • All our HELPS Teams will be using gloves.

  • We are being hyper-vigilant in the preparation and handling of food.

  • We are also asking people not to shake hands, hug and kiss others; and lastly,

  • We are asking all teams and volunteers, who are feeling unwell, to stay away from serving until fully recovered.


Should limitations be placed on public meetings

  • We are closely monitoring updates from our Local authority and Government in relation to our services and events. i.e. We are considering changes to high-risk groups with a high number of older people or people with existing medical challenges.

  • We also may move to multiple Sunday services with smaller numbers at each and/or,

  • Create some form of online podcast service.



General advice  

To help prevent the spread of infection, please follow general best practice as outlined by Public Health England:

  • Please ensure that you are following all Foreign & Commonwealth Office advice If you are travelling.

  • Please DO NOT ATTEND CHURCH if you are in a period of self, or mandated isolation.

  • If you feel unwell and develop a fever, please stay home and call 111 for advice.


In the meantime, we will continue as usual and look forward to seeing you on Sundays and mid-week connect groups.  Let’s continue to pray for one another, show love and kindness to all,


God bless you all,

Pastors Wayne & Clare

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