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Role:                              Part-Time Cleaner

Location:                       PCF Church, Poynton, SK12 1RJ

Hours:                           15 hrs per week

Salary:                           To be discussed with candidate

Employment Type:       Contract Basis – self-employed

Task-Manager:             Hockley Centre Manager

Probation:                    6-Months


Personal Values & Skills

We need a trustworthy, and reliable person who can work in a confidential church setting who will carry out the overall cleaning of PCF Church and the Hockley Centre to a very high standard. 

We see this position more than just a job, but a labour of love supporting our PCF Church values.


The post-holder will be expected to work a minimum of 15 hours over a 5-day week. 

  • Mon, 8am - 11am  (3hrs)

  • Tues, 8am - 11am  (3hrs)

  • Wed, 8am - 11am  (3hrs)

  • Thur, 8am - 11am  (3hrs)

  • Sat,   2pm -    5pm  (3hrs) Note:  later times

We would consider earlier start times, for example 7am to 10am.

We would expect some flexibility in terms of extra cleaning for additional meetings or services, e.g. funerals or weddings etc.


The successful candidate should be able to demonstrate:

  • Receive parcels & deliveries

  • Work as part of a team

  • Ensure confidentiality

  • Ensure building safety

  • Be proactive and show initiative

  • Build effective relationships

  • Demonstrate good communication skills

  • Be able to work unsupervised

  • Ability to activate a security alarm system



  • Previous cleaning experience would be preferred but not essential

  • Must be willing to be First Aid / Health and Safety /  Health and Hygiene trained

  • Maintain cleaning records (i.e. cleaning check lists and cleaning materials stock items)

  • Willing to work flexibly in response to changing organisational requirements

  • Must be able to climb at least one floor unaided and several times per day.



  • This cleaning role is on a self-employed contract based not employment based.  This means you would provide a simple invoice for your cleaning services rendered.   You would not be entitled to any PCF employment benefits.




(See detail tasks below)

Daily Tasks

First thing in the morning – Hockley Centre (Before hires arrive)

  • Clean upper halls

  • Entrance Hall

  • Toilets


Thereafter – PCF auditorium, Bistro, Kitchens & Offices

  • Dishwashers (unpack and keep cupboards tidy)

  • Vac the offices and carpeted auditoriums

  • General clean-up of main auditorium (eg: water, general mess, pulpit, lobby area)

  • Dusting of the offices and auditoriums

  • Clearing Dustbins & doing the recycling

  • Re-arrange Bistro furniture

  • General cleaning of Creche

  • Some Monthly Items as required (see list below)

  • Offices (dusting, vac, tables are clean & sills etc)

  • Ensuring the fire escape is clean and safe

  • Ensure leaves don’t accumulate at doors and entrances




Typically these duties would be required once a month

  • Wipe down both sides of the partition doors with a damp cloth in the upper halls and Bistro. 

  • Venetian blinds to be hoovered with special brush attachment in the Bistro and Hockley Centre entrance window.

  • Clean inside and out fridges and microwaves.

  • Wash/wipe wall tiles in toilets and kitchens.

  • Alternate, cleaning inside 1 or 2 cupboards per month in the Bistro and the upstairs kitchen.

  • Wipe down all kitchen unit doors in both upstairs kitchen and Bistro.

  • Skirting boards to be cleaned, again, alternate designated areas.

  • Sterilise all plate racks.

  • Check dishwashers for rinse aid and salt cleaner.

  • Crèche coloured foam flooring to be steam mopped.

  • Clean settees in upper halls, bistro and crèche especially down the back where debris falls.

  • Empty vacuum cleaners.

  • Inform the Hockley Centre Manager when cleaning products are getting low.






Cleaning: at the Hockley Centre


  • Always start cleaning upstairs in the Hockley Centre in readiness for weekly hirers arrival.  Vacuum Hockley Centre ground floor entrance. Use soft brush for wooden hallways and stairs to the first floor.  Ensure glass panels in doors are free of finger prints etc. Clean both upper halls with a dry mop or with a soft brush, then use a damp (not soaking wet) mop.  If mop is very wet, it will ruin the floor surface.  Special cleaning solution is provided for both wooden floors - allow to dry.  Ensure the window sills are free of dust or rubbish likewise, inspect corners of the halls for dust and rubbish and check for cobwebs.


  • Empty all upstairs general waste bins replacing with clean bin bags.  Separate recycling from general waste for exterior dustbins.   Grey bin (recycling) Black bin (general waste)


  • DISABLED TOILETS & MAIN TOILETS – GROUND & FIRST FLOORS: Clean toilets & urinals, hand rails, mirrors, wash basins and floors. Empty general & sanitary waste bins.  Check there is a supply of toilet paper and hand towels available for use.  Ensure grime around the taps are scrubbed clean with a small brush.


  • LIFT: Clean glass door and check that lift walls are clean, lastly wet mop floor.


  • FIRST FLOOR SCHOOL ROOMS & OFFICES: To be vacuumed and dusted with furniture polish. Window sills to be wiped clean. Empty bins, (again separate recycling rubbish from general waste).


  • WINDOWS & DOORS: Regularly check all glass panels on internal doors and patio doors in the small hall, and fire exit door in the large hall this includes all windows in both halls. To be cleaned where necessary.


  • UPSTAIRS LARGE KITCHEN:  Clean all sinks thoroughly, middle bowls, draining areas & around taps; also, inside and outside of all plastic bowls. Keep storage areas and equipment clean & tidy in readiness for next job. Cookers are to be checked regularly especially after usage. Tin foil to be used inside the cookers to keep trays clean.  All dirty tea-towels to be taken home for washing and returned.  General tidying & cleaning of equipment e.g. kettle, toaster, microwaves etc.  Hygienically, wipe all surface areas.


  • BISTRO: Empty dishwasher from Sunday. Vacuum the bistro and small kitchenette.  Clean sink and draining areas, and back-drop tiles around the sink. Wipe clean all sills, polish/dust unit and wipe clean tables and chairs. Regularly check patio doors for marks on the glass.  Wet mop kitchenette floor.     


  • SANCTUARY: Lobby entrance, sanctuary, stage and two offices to be vacuumed. PA desk, information unit, communion table, chairs and lectern on stage to be polished/dusted. All sills in the entrance and sanctuary to be wiped clean. Glass doors/windows to be checked and cleaned where necessary.


  • CRECHE: Clean wash room, toilet, basin. Sanitise baby changing equipment, empty general waste and nappy bins.  Always replace bins with new plastic bin bags if required.  Wet mop wash room floor and creche area.  (In terms of the multi-coloured foam-flooring, see cleaning instructions on monthly list). Tidy and wipe units, tables etc.  Glass panel doors to be cleaned where necessary.  Wash any dirty crockery which has been left from the weekend and return to the Crèche.

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